George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government and its Centers on the Public Service are proud to offer the nationally accredited Virginia Certified Public Manager® Program (VCPMP).

The VCPMP is designed to enhance the careers of those in or dealing with the public service by providing a comprehensive, competency-based executive education and training. By connecting communities of learning with practice, the VCPMP advances the principles of professionalism, excellence, and quality in public management leadership. Click here for the Flyer.

Benefits of the VCPMP are far reaching, such as an:

  • Improved ability to manage within the organization:
  • Enhanced set of skills for personal advancement;
  • Expanded network of professional colleagues; and
  • Opportunity to learn current best practice.

The VCPMP curriculum addresses critical-need topics, including:

  • Strategic Management;
  • Program Evaluation and Policy Analysis;
  • Budgeting and Financial Management;
  • Human Resource Management;
  • Information Technology Management; and
  • Conflict Management and Team Building.

Modules meet in-person, twice a month. Altogether, the program is comprised of approximately 300 hours – that is a combination of program orientation, instruction, readings, assignments, assessment, and a capstone. Cohorts can be offered on a rolling or contracted basis. Successful participants will also earn 25.2 Continuing Education Units. Click here to see a the current Schedule.

The VCPMP is currently accepting applications!

To enroll as a participant of the VCPMP, please complete the application form along with providing unofficial copies of academic transcripts. Click here for the Application.

Applicants need a high degree of conceptual ability, reading comprehension, and written and oral communication skills. Further, applicants who do not currently supervise staff but have responsibility for managing, coordinating, or overseeing a program area whose deliverable has an impact beyond their current work unit will also be considered.

The cost is $4,000 (not including additional costs that may be incurred such as parking, books, or meals).  Payment can be made by purchase order, credit card, or check.

For more information about the VCPMP, please contact the Program Director, Dr. Tonya T. Neaves, at (703) 993-9377 or tneaves@gmu.edu.

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Federal Management Leadership Center Director

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