Federal Management Leadership

The Center for Federal Management Leadership at George Mason University exists to link academic resources and abilities with the national, regional and local communities served by the University. Mason prides itself on a “tradition of innovation” which is characterized by innovations in research and learning and the ways in which that knowledge is delivered and utilized by its faculty and students. The Center for Federal Management Leadership was created to apply the intellectual capital of Mason’s Public Administration faculty and students to the solutions of practical challenges in federal management and administration of public programs.

The center is directed by Dr. Sheldon Edner.  Working with Dr. Paul Posner, Director of Mason’s MPA program and overall manager of the Centers on the Public Service, Dr. Edner’s role is to identify opportunities for the public administration faculty and students to serve and assist federal agencies while utilizing these outreach efforts to further strengthen the educational knowledge building programs of the Public Administration program. The Center is able to drawn upon faculty and student resources to deliver applied management solutions and train federal personnel in emerging public management knowledge and practice.

In order to accomplish its mission, the center is developing grant submissions, partnership arrangements, and practicums and training programs in a number of areas. Current projects include:

  • funded research on organizational networking
  • development of executive level training programs in leadership and organizational reduction strategies
  • proposals to provide basic management training for federal agency IT personnel and human capital development programs
  • a partnership with the Association of Governmental Accountants

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Tonya T. Neaves

Federal Management Leadership Center Director

Dr. Sheldon Edner

State and Local Government Center Director

Frank Shafroth

Nonprofit Management Center Director

Dr. Alan Abramson 703-993-8189 aabramso@gmu.edu