An excellent description of the work regarding the U.S. Office of Management and Budget can be found in James P. Pfiffner’s chapter “OMB: Professionalism, Politicization, and the Presidency” in C. Campbell and M. J. Wyszomirski’s Executive Leadership in Anglo-American Systems.

There are also many other websites which contain useful information on federal budgeting, including:

Office of Management and Budget:

Congressional Budget Office:

Government Accountability Office:

Library of Congress:

Senate Appropriations Committee:

House Appropriations Committee:

Senate Budget Committee:

House Budget Committee:

International Monetary Fund Fiscal Affairs:

American Association for Budget and Program Analysis:

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget:

The Concord Coalition:

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities:

Facing Up to the Nation’s Finances:

Our Fiscal Future:

Peterson-Pew Commission on Budget Reform:

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