Research Reports

Other Manuscripts and Articles

  • “Innovations in Aging: Innovative Programs in State and Local Governments that Address the Service Needs of a Growing Population of Seniors,” a publication produced by the seventh cohort of George Mason University’s Northern Virginia Public Service Fellows Program.
  • Paul L. Posner and Frank Shafroth. “Deficits All Around: The Need for Intergovernmental Collaboration,” this report was originally developed with guidance from the Virginia Fiscal Advisory Council – a group of intergovernmental officials, convened by George Mason University, with funding support from the Concord Coalition.
  • Sheldon M. Edner, “Job Access and Reverse Commuting: Lessons from a Decentralized Problem and Program Delivery System,” invited paper prepared for delivery at a research conference sponsored by Kokugakuin University, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Alan Abramson and Rachel McCarthy, “Nonprofit Infrastructure Organizations,” chapter for a new edition of the State of Nonprofit America (Brookings Institution Press, forthcoming 2011).
  • Alan Abramson and Stefan Toepler, “Foundations in the Washington, DC National Capital Area,” paper for an edited volume on foundations in different regions of the U.S. Now under review.