State and Local Government

The State and Local Government Leadership Center focuses on the implementation of state and local policies, especially in the areas of ethics, demography, and fiscal stewardship.

As state and local governments confront perhaps the most severe challenges in more than a century, the Center will provide rigorous analysis of state and local government tax, budget, and policy processes, as well as leadership and governance functionality.  It will identify emerging intergovernmental issues, trends, and turning points—and seek to transform state, local, and metropolitan leadership. It will promote more effective intergovernmental communication, cooperation, and coordination. The intent would be to provide state and local elected officials and staff with the tools necessary to improve intergovernmental partnerships and effectiveness.

A major focus of the center is on identifying and replicating best practices and policy innovations at the state and local level. This will lay the groundwork for national policy recommendations as well as practical consulting and advice for state and local officials. A new guide on the implications of aging populations for metropolitan governance and a weekly update and blog on weekly intergovernmental policy developments at all levels of government are early products of this new Center.

Focus Areas of the Center for State and Local Government Leadership

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Tonya T. Neaves

Federal Management Leadership Center Director

Dr. Sheldon Edner

State and Local Government Center Director

Frank Shafroth

Nonprofit Management Center Director

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