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The Centers on the Public Service has long been premised on the healthy synergy of theory and practice. The fields of public administration and political science were founded by “pracademics” such as Woodrow Wilson who aspired to achieve the integration of teaching and research with the communities of practice in our field.

The Centers has been established to help the public sector address emerging challenges that are unprecedented in both scope and complexity. As passage of health care reform illustrates, public managers are increasingly on the proverbial hot seat to address a growing array of daunting and expensive problems that seem to defy anyone’s understanding. Thanks to the escalating ambitions of political leaders themselves, there has been a virtual agenda explosion, as a wide range of “private troubles” become public problems.

These issues call on the involvement of many sectors beyond traditional government bureaucracies themselves, including nonprofits, private contractors, and citizen groups, each of which are under greater pressure to deliver more with fewer resources. The Centers plays an important role in promoting much needed collaboration across the many officials involved in governance today in the Washington, DC, area, as well as throughout the nation and internationally.

The activities of the Centers fall into the following categories:

  • Research
  • Training and Education
  • Outreach
  • Thought Leadership